High school main exams

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Today I started my high school main exams. The first was test from Polish language. I hope I did it right >_< Tomorrow I’ll have an exam from English. That’s the only one exam I’m not worried about, but I must prepare for that a little. ^^ No blogging, no watching anime, no playing football or volleyball! Study, study, study! And maybe a bit music ^^



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Baccano Logo

Well, I finished watching Baccano! I must say that it’s really amazing series. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched anime with that kind of great plot. It’s just like in detective story. On the beginning we get to know the end of story and next, step by step or better episode by episode we get to know what happened. Almost all story happens in ’30 of XX century. That’s pretty unusual time when it comes to anime. Prohibition, mafia, characteristic clothes and story about immortal in a background, that all create an amazing climate. I must say, that’s difficult anime to watch. Everything is ragged, just like memories. It looks like someone who tells us that story is remembering in turn an unrelated events. We leap through years and events. Because of that I think that I’ll watch that series one more time to put in order all story. I’m sure that anyone will have a great time during watching that anime ^^

Link to great opening

Some pics:
Lua and Ladd
Scene from the end of Lua’s and Ladd’s story
Firo in action
Firo in action
Nice and Jacuzzi
Scene with Nice and Jacuzzi from opening
Miria and Isaac
Miria and Isaac
Sugoooi! ^^
Czesław aka. Czes- kun ^^
Czesław Meyer or in short Czes-kun. In fact Czesław is Polish name so I have got a countryman in Baccano ^^

The Hidamari Beatles

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Well, finally I downloaded a soundtrack from anime I watched about month ago. That’s Hidamari Shetch. First thing I did was checking a scans of booklet of that CD. And what I found? Hidamari Sketch OST

Someone can say that it’s nothing special, but in fact that’s a reference to one of album of The Beatles titled Abbey Road ^^
The Beatles - Abbey Road
The same poses, shadows, cars. Even Miyako (second from the left) doesn’t wear shoes and socks, like Paul McCartney. I couldn’t stop laughing ^^

Only one thing that left is to listen that soundtrack ^^

Hello world!

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Well, my first post in my first blog. So, I’m going to write there everything what will came in my mind. Anime, music, films, friends, news, every funny thing I’ll find. That and more, more, more and more ^^ I want to update my blog as often as it will be possible. Well, please keep finger crossed for me~

Oh~ One more thing. I’m going to write in English but that’s not my mother tongue so please forgive me if I’ll make some mistakes >_<

That’s all for now, soon I’ll came up with new design. Bye for now ^^