Perfect Blue

I’m after three of five exams. Next one will be on next Friday so I have some free time. I didn’t watch any anime by two days so I decided to watch a film I downloaded a few days ago. It’s called Perfect Blue. Well, I haven’t watched too much anime films, but I must say that almost every a-film I’ve seen is a masterpiece. Arashi no Yoru ni, Tokyo Godfathers, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. All those films was great and Perfect Blue is the same. I don’t know if that what I’m writing now is true but I think that Perfect Blue was a first anime thriller I’ve watched. It’s about Mima Kirigoe, a young pop idol who quits her band to became an actress. Not everyone is happy about that. Mima starts to get letters with threats. Soon people around her are being murdered and Mima is starting to lose her mind. You can’t really say what is a reality and what is just a Mima’s imagination. Film keeps in suspense to the very end. And after the end you are still asking yourself “What have really happened?”. For me it’s the best anime thiller I’ve ever seen and I really recommend that film to everyone who like to watch something different than usual from time to time.

Perfect Blue

Some videos:

Perfect Blue preview

Preview in English

Parody of Perfect Blue. I couldn’t stop laugh ^^


~ by crispmj on May 8, 2008.

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